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Why Made In Africa?

When producing our T-shirts on a Tanzanian textile factory under fair trade conditions, we are making an effort to support employment, better living conditions and sustainable growth in a developing nation in East Africa. To learn more about our business behavior please visit us on Facebook where it is possible to view pictures (!/album.php?aid=78229&id=72860482534). If you need more information in that matter, please sent an e-mail to

What Does The Working Conditions At Your Supplier Look Like?

In order to insure a high degree of credibility towards our customers, our partner factory in Tanzania have abtained the SA8000 certification. SA8000 is a global Social Accountability standard that promotes ethical workplace conditions and human rights for the workers at the factory , developed and overseen by Social Accountability International (SAI). The SA8000 certification is based on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Conventions on the Rights of the Child, and various International Labor Organizations (ILO) conventions. It is the first og and most respected of its kind, and it provides a framework for assuring that social accountability is being stewarded by the management at our partner factory in Tanzania. Our partner factory in Tanzania has the following SA8000 certificate registration no: 0110

What Is Fair Trade?

Fair trade is a market-based approach to fight global poverty and promote sustainability in developing countries. A QUESTION OF supports the following fair trade principles:

1. Creating opportunuties for workers in the Tanzanian textile industry
2. Giving workers acess to English and health teaching
3. Transparency management in our African supply chain
4. Good and safe working conditions for African textile workers
5. Environmental protection when using organic cotton
6. Paying a fair price that secures fair wages for the workers

The positive consequenses of our fair trade based business practice in Tanzania are the creation of: Workplaces, better living conditions and overall social and economic development.